*Liquid vs. Powder Highlight - What's the Difference?

by - August 05, 2018

I was always a powder highlight only kinda gal, until this year. I never really understood the difference in what they did and powder highlight was just so much easier to use.

I always used this NYX beauty - shade 04, ritualistic - as it's such a gorgeous icy glow, but it's still warm enough to use in winter and it doesn't look too cool toned with slightly warmer toned make-up. Eventhough this is a very creamy formula, I always find that sometimes adding another powder into the mix can make your make-up look a little cakey and heavy. Don't get me wrong, the look that this one gives is gorgeous and it's my favourite powder highlight, but sometimes the finish just isn't quite right.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, the lovely guys over at MUA sent me two shades of their light lustre liquid highlight - sublime (on the right) and marvel (on the left). Both have a gorgeous pearl finish and give that glow without making you look like a completely glitterball. Out of the two, sublime has to be my favourite as I tend to find that if you put too much of 'marvel' on, it can look a little too dark for my skin, but would be such a gorgeous natural glow for you darker skinned gals. Sublime is fairly similar to the shade of Benefit's highbeam, so this would be a fab alternative if you're not quite ready to take the plunge and go high-end first time.

Now, I'm a complete liquid highlight convert, because as much as I love my powder highlight, and as much as they're easy to use, I just find that liquid highlight gives you a much more natural and glowy look, rather than a blinding sparkle highlight. So, I guess that whichever you use depends on the look you're going for!
Also, I'd definitely say if you were going to trey either first, go for a powder, as it is much easier to blend and apply, as with the liquid highlight you have to blend straight away or it starts to sink into the skin and you can struggle to blend it! (not a fault with this exact highlight, but is a problem with most other liquid highlights)

So, thank you so much for reading, and let me know if you prefer liquid or powder highlight in the comments below,

Lou Loves x

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