The Bloggers Love List!

by - June 19, 2017

I've seen this post circulating recently and I think it's such a lovely idea. For those of you who don't know, basically, you pick your favourite bloggers right now - spread some love in the blogosphere!

1- Life as Tilly Rose

You guys probably get so sick of how much I talk about Tilly, but her posts are just so good! They're always really unique and I genuinely get really excited whenever she uploads!

2- Daisy Josephine Blog (previously known as Daisy Chains and Paper Planes)

Daisy's blog and instagram are just the cutest! Her posts are always super useful and she does THE best!

3- Bethxkate

I don't know what it is about Beth but her posts just always seem really friendly and chatty! She also posts about quite a range of things, from DIY posts to beauty, she has it all!

4- Emsi Rose
I have collabed with Emsi so many times, so you probably all know and love her by now but I couldn't not include her! Emsi is one of the most sincere and lovely people I have come across in the blogging community, you all have to go and read her blog!

So, I hope you all enjoyed this post, and let me know who your favourites are right now in the comments,

Love Lou

Instagrams: @lifeastillyrose @daisyjosephineblog @bethxkate @emsirose

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  1. Aww thank you for the kind words! Your so sweet 🙈🙈

    1. No problem! Have seriously been obsessed with your blog recently! Hahha