5 Non-Beauty Favourites

by - March 07, 2016

Hey guys, as you may know a lot of things here on my blog are centred around beauty products so today, I thought that I would flip things around completely and do my top 5 non beauty favourites. I hope you enjoy xx.

Girl Online & Girl Online : On Tour

If you didn't already know these 2 books were written by Youtuber/Blogger Zoe Sugg (Zoella). These are aimed at teens It is based around a girl called Penny who falls in love with a Rock star called Noah in New York. And, oh did I mention Penny has a blog called Girl Online.

Remington Hair Dryer Attachment

This may sound like a bit of an odd favourite (and look a bit odd too)! Anyway, you attach this onto the end of the hair dryer and pop your hair into it. Then turn it on and the air spins you hair around in the tube and therefore dries and curls your hair. I separate my hair into 8 sections and do 10 up and downs on each 10 times. This may seem quite excessive but otherwise it doesn't overly curl.

Love, Tanya

Again this is written by a blogger/youtuber but this is about Tanya's life growing up but it also includes beauty tips, fashion tips and a few recipes (including her triple chocolate cookies)

Ted Baker Pink Body Spray

I have mentioned this a lot of times. This a sweet vanilla-y scent which is gorgeous all year round I think. The mini sizes are also plastic so they are great to throw into handbags or maybe even your school bag. They also come in a big size but this however is glass.

Milli Marotta's Animal Kingdom

A lot of you probably already know what this is but Milli Marotta has released "adult colouring books". These are great for relieving stress.

Thank you so much for reading,
Love Lou

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