The Brushes That Will Change Your Make Up Game!

by - January 12, 2018

A bold statement I know and not one that's thrown around lightly but I mean it.... These brushes WILL change your make up game! These Spectrum beauties will make even Beyoncé jealous!

It's no secret that I love my Spectrum A10 fan brush but these 2 new discoveries have taken the top spot. They're the B01 flat top blender and the B06 tall tapered blender.

I've been in dire need of a good foundation brush for a while but have never got round to picking one up and just making do with my beauty blender. Now, owning this B01 babe, it's made me regret not picking one up! It's a flat top blender so really buffs the product into the skin but it's ridiculously soft so isn't scratching the product off your skin!

I used to not be that happy with the finish that my beauty blender created as it looked dry, flaky and all round a bit rubbish. This beaut on the other hand leaves you glowing and flawless all day (and night!) long. Although using a beauty blender is considerably quicker I think the finish it gives is worth adding a couple of minutes onto doing your make up

The other brush - B06 tall tapered blender - is THE brush for applying shadow into your crease or outer corner and then blending it out. Because of the height of the brush fibres you can get a really soft blend but still keeping that strong pigment.

I used to use the NYX 17 brush for this job but it never quite gave the soft blended finish I wanted so hat one is now fulfilling the job of blending my transition shade. This brush is also insane at blending out shades if you've applied too much as blend it to wherever you need it to be and if you press a little harder you can buff some of the product onto the brush!

Although I rave about the Real Technqiues brushes, Spectrum always go above and beyond with quality as well as design - how can you not love their brushes?!

I hope you're all enjoying your new year so far, thank you for all your support so far and I'll see you all soon!

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