Benefit's Rockateur Review!

by - October 30, 2017

As I mentioned in my last post (link just here) I picked up this little beauty of a blusher and I've used it a few times so I thought I'd do a review for you all!

This is a gorgeous shade if you have pale skin like me but I feel like it's one of those shades that will suit everyone because it's very glitter based. I was actually quite worried when I realised how glittery it was but there is a lot of pigmentation behind it so when applied it's more of a gentle shimmer. The pigmentation is really good and little goes a long way with this because much more than a couple of swirls with your brush makes you look a litttllleee bit like a clown (just to pre-warn everyone thinking of getting it!!) The colour itself is a gorgeous deep pink/mauve that looks really natural on.

Despite being a mauve based shade, it has got very rose gold undertones to it which are mainly because of the shimmer running through it. The rose gold side to it makes it look very glowy on the skin and it adds quite a lot of depth to your make up. I tend to find that once I've done my base, my face tends to look quite flat and has no depth and this has completely revolutionised my make up!

I love how long wearing this product is as well. I often read that after a couple of hours some drugstore blushers tend to fade into the rest of your make up but I can definitely see why this is the price it is because it's such a good quality product!

The packaging of this beauty is as gorgeous as the product itself! It comes in a box with a brush (which I was surprised at how good it was!) and a little mirror in the lid so although it is quite bulky, makes it perfect for travelling. It's also pretty sturdy packaging because I've read on some blogs that some cardboard type packagaing breaks quite easily but this doesn't seem as though it's going to break anytime soon.

So, this retails at £24.50 and I picked it up at a Benefit store but it's also available from all bigger Boots stores. If you want to pick it up on Boots online click here and if you want to buy straight from the Benefit website click here.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this review, let me know if you recommend any Benefit products down in the comments and I will see you all again very soon,

Love Lou

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